TSA_7811 TSA_7807 TSA_7748TSA_7798   TSA_7763 TSA_7764 TSA_7761 TSA_7743 TSA_7754 TSA_7753

Okay, I had this idea that each week for a month I’d choose a color. This week is blue. Basically, I just capture everyday objects around my house that are blue. The purpose of this project is to help me look at everyday things in a different light and to be more creative. I’d like to see how this set looks artistically compared to the last set that I do for this project. I’d like to see improvement as that is my ultimate goal. I would love any feedback on the pictures / project idea! This is my first time really trying to take pictures for reasons other than capturing memories.

All of the photos are unedited.

xx Sarah


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