First Pay Check Means First Shopping Haul!

I finally got my first paycheck from my first real job and it felt great! I had to go celebrate by shopping (: Being not so broke anymore is much more fun.

Here are the accessories that I got. If you’re interested, I can make another post showing you what clothes I bought as well & how I plan on styling them. But just a warning, they are mostly work clothes.

Everything in this post I got from Nordstrom Rack.

Anyways, first things first, I finally bought necklaces! I love wearing necklaces & I know that they can totally change the vibe of an outfit, but I always have a hard time spending money on them. I’m not sure why. Anyways, today I overcame that and bought two new statement necklaces. photo5 photo4-2
I also bought some very outgoing shoes. I’ll have to muster up the courage to wear them out, but I am determined to because I am just obsessed with them! photo2-5 photo3-3
I can’t wait to wear these with some nice skinny jeans or a tight midi skirt for a nice dinner or a night out. I have been loving the ankle strap style but have yet to purchase any shoes like that – until today!

The last thing I grabbed at checkout was this beautiful eye shadow palette from Smashbox. It’s the Soft Box. I’ve been wanting something that I can just throw in my purse & this was the perfect thing! The mirror is large and great quality. The colors are pretty neutral and can be used for any occasion. It also came with a double ended brush, which will probably come in handy. I can’t wait to try it out! photo6
Let me know what you guys think & if you’d be interested in seeing a clothing haul as well!

xx Sarah



    1. I’d love to! I thought about mentioning that but since it was discounted & at Nordstrom Rack, I figured it had been out for a while and people have probably seen it. But I can definitely do that for you! Thanks for checking it out.

      1. Doesn’t matter if others did it, I didn’t read it yet at others 😉 Just post about whatever you love, don’t let anyone else withhold you from it. Ha ha we all post almost the same outfits like everyday don’t we? Doesn’t keep me from doing it xx

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