About Me

I came across the idea of starting a blog when I was sitting at work. It was only a week in to my internship in Global Digital Marketing. Now, I have no experience or background with this what-so-ever. I am a biology major. My team members were very, very much all about social media and “checking in” and being connected digitally to everything. I was reading all about google analytics and how it works and all these methods to see what people are doing online on your website. So in my down time I started thinking, I should really get more into this. This is actually pretty neat. I want to be connected to. I want to blog. I’m going to start a blog.

That was pretty much my exact thought process. Then I decided to take this and make it an opportunity for myself to improve and reflect on a lot of things. To explore the things that I enjoy and to pick up new hobbies. I want to try new things and then tell the world about it. Even if no one is really going to be listening. The idea that I can be connected with so many people anywhere is just an exciting idea.


Behind the blog name: I chose Mosaic because this blog (I’m assuming) is going to be a cluster of different types of posts based on whatever I feel like one day all put together into one blog, sort of like a mosaic. I chose Sea because those are my initials. This blog is just a mixture of all things me.


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