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A simple photo set created over my weekend in Springfield, IL.

Antique shop cameras
Old Post Office 
Paddle Boat
Dinner // Sister
Diva walk // Sister
Me & Good ol’ Abe


Painting & Kitty

So today my good friend Kendall and I had a craft night. While I was painting Eloise (my new kitten, for those of you new to my blog), fell asleep on my leg. She was basically falling off so I had to support her back with my arm. It was so precious. Once she did slide off she went to grab some food then came right back to me. She hopped right back up and went to sleep again. I think I may be a little bit obsessed with her.

So, I tried something new that I’ve never tried before with picture layering.. I wanted to show you guys Eloise sleeping on my leg while painting as well as my finished product. I combined them both into one picture and this is what I came up with. Feedback on this is greatly appreciated as this is totally new to me. I just thought it was fun messing around with it.


I painted again


I got to put my new paint & brushes to good use this evening. I made this for my sissy.
Such a relaxing Friday with my windows open, room cleaned, music on, painting.


This elephant I made for my brother because he is obsessed with elephants. He actually said he liked it & displayed it in his room & said thank you. I think this means he’s coming out of his leave-me-alone-i-can’t-stand-you stupid teenage boy phase. Success!


This one I painted for my mother. At first I hated the flowers & thought I had just ruined a completely good background. But they’re starting to grow on me now (ha ha, get it. grow. flowers – sorry).

This plus a nice dinner date sums up my night.


xx Sarah




TSA_7811 TSA_7807 TSA_7748TSA_7798   TSA_7763 TSA_7764 TSA_7761 TSA_7743 TSA_7754 TSA_7753

Okay, I had this idea that each week for a month I’d choose a color. This week is blue. Basically, I just capture everyday objects around my house that are blue. The purpose of this project is to help me look at everyday things in a different light and to be more creative. I’d like to see how this set looks artistically compared to the last set that I do for this project. I’d like to see improvement as that is my ultimate goal. I would love any feedback on the pictures / project idea! This is my first time really trying to take pictures for reasons other than capturing memories.

All of the photos are unedited.

xx Sarah

Today, I painted.

After deep cleaning my room over the weekend, I found some paint and a few paint brushes. Today, I decided to put them to good use. By no means do I consider myself to be a good artist, I never even get a chance to DO any art- but this is what I made.

It was relaxing to sit down & paint for a bit. I couldn’t even tell you the last time I did.