Exciting Things To Come!

Ever since I began blogging my head has just been “blog blog blog blog blog” constantly. It’s on my mind at work, when I’m eating, when I’m with my boyfriend. Seriously, just all the time.
I’ve loved every second of blogging and being introduced to the whole world of fashion/beauty/lifestyle blogging has been eye opening.

I’ve been brainstorming a whole list of things that I want to do and I can’t wait to share it all with you guys.
I’ve decided to get a lot more serious about this whole adventure. I’m going to work really hard to bring you all quality posts along with quality photos, as photos can make or break your whole blog (that’s how I see it, at least).
I’m currently writing up a schedule for myself, so if there’s anything specific you’d be interested in seeing be sure to let me know! My audience is everything, so whatever you guys want – that’s what I’ll give you! Just be vocal about it 🙂
As much as I love posting daily and I hope to continue to do so, I may have to slow down to every other day. I’d much rather prefer to provide you all with quality, interesting posts that I’ve put more time in effort into rather than “filler” posts just to get something out there that day.
Also, in the (near) future I’m planning on moving my blog from and hosting on BlueHost with so please be sure it follow me on Bloglovin! The link is in my menu bar at the top of the page.

I’ve developed a strong passion for blogging & I’m excited to see what I can do with it.

I would absolutely love all/any feedback on my blog throughout this process as changes will be slowly rolling in. Feedback on posts are always welcome as well!



Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I finally got on Bloglovin & I’m so excited with how many more blogs I have easy access to. I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner, honestly. I love having everything / everyone I follow in one place. Join me!

( p.s — > the title is a link to follow me )


Sticking up for the #selfie

Why selfies are a good thing.

You always see people on social media constantly complaining about selfies & how conceited everyone is who posts one. If you’re posting selfies, you must just be totally and completely obsessed with yourself. That’s how a lot of people make it out to be. You’re less if you stoop so low as to post a picture of yourself.
Yet it’s totally acceptable to post pictures of just about ANYTHING else. Your food, your animals, your friends, what activity you’re doing, what you just bought, a screenshot of one of your notes, plants, the sky, and the list goes on and on. Many many pointless things are widely accepted posts on social media, but the second you start posting selfies… Oh man, now you’ve messed up.

But why?!
Why shouldn’t you be happy with yourself? We all have those days where we’re just feeling it. You look good, your hair is good, make up is nice; you’re just feeling really great. So share it! I love it when someone is feeling confident about themselves enough to post it on social media. I think it’s a wonderful quality to have. You SHOULD be happy/content/confident/proud of yourself. I don’t think you should hesitate to post a selfie because you’re afraid of what people will think of you if you do. Who cares?!

There is beauty in everything, everywhere and ESPECIALLY everyone. Be proud of it. Show it off. Love yourself.

So, since I am sticking up for the #selfie allow myself to include my own selfie. Because I am having a great morning, I’m happy, and just because I can.


Let me know what you think about selfies below!

xx Sarah

Good Morning


Starting my Tuesday morning off with some new tea, yum. It’s just English Breakfast from Teavana, pretty basic, but a great morning boost.

I was in a funk all weekend then last night I deep cleaned my room, worked out, and was just so productive overall. I can’t function without a clean room. I think that was my issue. It was actually a really great Monday to start my week.

Today I’m in the best mood & I am so anxious/excited to watch the USA vs Belgium game later this afternoon. Work is going to drag on & on, I can already tell.

What’s your favorite way to kick start your morning or your week?

xx Sarah

The Journal

Prompted by, the daily post I have to decide what I would bring with me to remind me of home as I travel for a year. The only requirement is that it has to be small.

I had a really difficult time coming up with one item to take to remind me of home.
First off, you have to define what home is. When I think of home I think of my family, not my house. Anywhere with them is home to me. But also, my boyfriend of five years is home to me. I had a difficult decision of whether to pick my item based on my home with my family or to choose an item based on the home I feel with my boyfriend. This was something I was toying back and forth with a lot. My boyfriend and I have been dating for five years now, so you could say we’re pretty serious. I’m still young though, I’m only 20! I’m in an odd place where I’m not sure to feel more of at home with my actual family or if I feel more at home with my boyfriend/future family of my own. I didn’t want to abandon my family when choosing this item yet I also didn’t want to discount the love and level of comfort that I have with my boyfriend.

Then it came to me, an item that will include both parts of my definition of home. Whenever I travel, I like to keep a journal. Even if it’s sloppy, makes no sense later, or is incomplete mostly, I try to keep a journal as best I can. Well, for last Christmas my family and I traveled overseas to London and Amsterdam. I kept a journal, per usual. However, this time I actually kept a journal. I wrote in it everyday and sometimes even multiple times a day. I have very fond memories from this trip as it is the only overseas trip we have taken together with all grown children. All of my happy moments are recorded in this journal.

Also included in this journal though, is the love for my boyfriend. How much I missed him. How hard it is to not talk as much as you usually do. How happy I was when we did get to talk. How we kissed each other via FaceTime on New Years, 6 hours late my time, and 1 hour late his. How I went out of my way to be able to talk to him each time. How I’d stay awake to have that little part of home with me thousands of miles away.

This one journal contains so much that I love. Everyone that I love. This is what I would bring along with me. The Journal.

Friday Nights

Friday nights/the weekend mean so much more to me after working a 40 hour week like the grown up that I am. So excited to have a nice date night with my man & have a lazy, relaxing weekend. On my lunch break I bought some canvases and some new paint. I have a rough idea of what I’m going to do with it. Can’t wait to sit down & paint later 🙂
Happy Friday, everyone! Enjoy your weekend!


xx Sarah