The Beginning

tea. blow. plastic.
A short story inspired by Three Words a Day. 


Warmth and light peeked through the spaces between the leaves in a towering oak tree. A young man and a lovely lady sat below. A faded pink covered a rectangular portion of the ground. An old hand-me-down blanket which they sat upon. Blades of grass blew effortlessly where the faded pink washed into the deep green. A wicker basket was opened by the gentleman and out of it emerged a beaten up canister. The outside wasn’t so pleasant, but the inside was. This lovely lady had wonderful taste in tea, it was what she pampered herself with- the finest of teas. When she could muster up the funds for it. She could smell the aroma of her most beloved flavored white tea as soon as the lid was lifted. She paused for a moment & knew this must be a special occasion. How did he get ahold of this? How was he able to pay for this? Panic ran across her face for a second, worried about what was sacrificed for this and why. She knew times were hard, she wouldn’t lie to herself about it. The gentleman could see her mind racing and didn’t want her to worry any longer.

He got on one knee and pulled out a plastic ring from his left pocket. She said yes. Tears were shed.
A plastic ring.
But it was alright to them. They were happier at this moment than they could have ever imagined possible. They didn’t need much. They didn’t require much. They didn’t have much at all, really. But they were joyous. And that’s what mattered.

He had just gotten a job offering, he explained. It wouldn’t be much, but it was a place to start. The plastic ring would be replaced by a real diamond ring one day, he promised her. She never doubted him. She knew he would keep his word. He would go far. He had it in him, he just need a place to begin. And this was it. This was their beginning.