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A simple photo set created over my weekend in Springfield, IL.

Antique shop cameras
Old Post Office 
Paddle Boat
Dinner // Sister
Diva walk // Sister
Me & Good ol’ Abe


Beauty Blogger Award!

Hi Everyone!

So thank you to the wonderful beautytime101 for nominating me for the Beauty Blogger of the Month award. I have only been blogging a very, very short amount of time so this was a huge surprise for me & really made my day! (:


So, as required – here are my answers to the beauty questions:

1. Where does your makeup inspiration come from?
I’d say my makeup inspiration comes from various places. First, function. I need/use makeup that conceals what I want hidden and highlights what I love about my face. I use it to manipulate how I present myself. Secondly, from my mood. My mood dictates so much of how I’ll wear my make up that day. Inspiration also floods in from classic beauties of time. I love simple, classic, and timeless makeup looks like Jane Birkin.

2. What are 3 of your makeup Holy Grail products you cannot live without?
Must have a good matte bronzer.
Must have mascara.
Must have some sort of lip tint.

3. What is your makeup signature look which you have on most of the time?
I mostly have on a simple eyeliner, neutral eyeshadow, thick lashes, bronzer, and a nude/pink lip color.

4. Let us know your favorite makeup brands?
I’m loving Benefit right now so much. Also, I love MAC of course. It was my first brand that I really got into once I entered the world of makeup. I have to stay true to my roots.

5. Your ultimate makeup pet peeve?
Blue eyeshadow.
Done correctly, some people can pull it off, some. But mostly, it’s not done correctly.

6. You’ve heard about all the hype on this makeup item, bought it, tried it and don’t understand what all the fuss is about…Name that product!
MAC Creme de Nude.
I loved it when I first bought it, but I think I was swayed by all the hype. Now I just don’t like it and I won’t even ware it. It just is not at all flattering on me and I’m not sure why I thought to purchase it. It’s unbearable to wear without some sort of heavily tinted lip gloss over top of it.

7. Concealer OR foundation ONLY for the rest of your life. Choose one and tell us the reason!
Concealer! Let your natural skin shine through.

Thank you to everyone who’s been reading my blog over this past month or so, it really means a lot to me


xx Sarah


My Beauty Travel Essentials

What's in my bag

This weekend I’m spending the Fourth at a family reunion in Illinois. Here’s what I brought along with me for a relaxing weekend by the lake.


  • My favorite foundation at the moment, the Big Easy. It’s lightweight, but quite easy to build up for more coverage. It has SPF 35 which will be perfect for spending this weekend out in the sun.
  • NYX Stick Blush. I’ve recently been turned onto cream blushes and I really don’t know why I haven’t used them before now. They are absolutely great for the summer and just leave you with a simple, natural hint of color on your cheeks. I’m loving this one by NYX in the color 03 Hibiscus.
  • Bronzer is a must. I just got the Hoola bronzer as a sample and I can foresee it becoming my new favorite. I’m still trying it out right now, but I brought it along with me because it’s small and compact – perfect for traveling.


Simple. Easy. Classic.
A little eyeliner and mascara is all you really need. I chose these two by benefit because they last for so long and that will be crucial after spending the day in the humid heat.
They’re Real Mascara & They’re Real Push Up Liner




  • Revelon Colorburst Balm Stain.
  • Extremely old honey infused lip gloss from Urban Decay – it’s amazing.
  • Of course, chapstick.

All simple, quick, and easy.

Because I’m an awful packer, I’ve also brought along my MAC palette, concealers, more lip options, etc but what’s pictured is really the basics and what I should have ONLY packed. I always overpack make-up and only end up using a handful of items, all quite similar to the ones I’ve included in this post.


Thanks for reading!
Let me know what your travel essentials are!


xx Sarah



Sticking up for the #selfie

Why selfies are a good thing.

You always see people on social media constantly complaining about selfies & how conceited everyone is who posts one. If you’re posting selfies, you must just be totally and completely obsessed with yourself. That’s how a lot of people make it out to be. You’re less if you stoop so low as to post a picture of yourself.
Yet it’s totally acceptable to post pictures of just about ANYTHING else. Your food, your animals, your friends, what activity you’re doing, what you just bought, a screenshot of one of your notes, plants, the sky, and the list goes on and on. Many many pointless things are widely accepted posts on social media, but the second you start posting selfies… Oh man, now you’ve messed up.

But why?!
Why shouldn’t you be happy with yourself? We all have those days where we’re just feeling it. You look good, your hair is good, make up is nice; you’re just feeling really great. So share it! I love it when someone is feeling confident about themselves enough to post it on social media. I think it’s a wonderful quality to have. You SHOULD be happy/content/confident/proud of yourself. I don’t think you should hesitate to post a selfie because you’re afraid of what people will think of you if you do. Who cares?!

There is beauty in everything, everywhere and ESPECIALLY everyone. Be proud of it. Show it off. Love yourself.

So, since I am sticking up for the #selfie allow myself to include my own selfie. Because I am having a great morning, I’m happy, and just because I can.


Let me know what you think about selfies below!

xx Sarah

July Inspiration!

July Inspiration


Instead of making a June Favorites post, I figured I’d look ahead and make a July Inspiration post.
These are things/styles/looks that I am loving right now and hope to incorporate similar items into my wardrobe this month.

Let me know what you think & what you’re looking forward to for July!

xx Sarah

Good Morning


Starting my Tuesday morning off with some new tea, yum. It’s just English Breakfast from Teavana, pretty basic, but a great morning boost.

I was in a funk all weekend then last night I deep cleaned my room, worked out, and was just so productive overall. I can’t function without a clean room. I think that was my issue. It was actually a really great Monday to start my week.

Today I’m in the best mood & I am so anxious/excited to watch the USA vs Belgium game later this afternoon. Work is going to drag on & on, I can already tell.

What’s your favorite way to kick start your morning or your week?

xx Sarah

The Soft Box by Smashbox : A Review


Smashbox has always been one of those make-up brands which I would love to own a lot of, but don’t have an income to justify buying it frequently. Luckily, however, last week at Nordstrom Rack I found this little gem. The Softbox Palette. I have not heard anything about it, so I figured why not go ahead and give a review?!

The Overview: 


Colors starting left to right: Top row – Russet, Truffle, Bare  //  Bottom row – Juniper, Sandstorm, Sumatra

The mirror in this palette really impressed me. It’s very large which I love about it. It’s also incredibly clear. I know other palettes that come with a mirror sort of slack on the quality of the mirror and it’s not so great to use. This palette, however got it completely right. I’ve been keeping this in my purse mainly to have access to the mirror at my desk or wherever I need it.

It also comes with a little double sided brush. One larger end for packing on color and blending and a smaller end which is good for under the lower lash line. I have yet to use this brush, but keep it in the palette just in case I ever need it. The bristles feel relatively soft and I would say that it’s a good quality brush for being included in a palette.

On the back of the palette is actually a peel off sticker which includes two different looks that you could make using these colors. I have tried them both out and even though they weren’t something I would just think to do myself, it turned out quite nice and I really liked it. It made me push my comfort zone a bit & experiment with different ways to use colors.

The Shadow Review:

Wonderful color pay off! The shadows are so soft and easy to work with. I usually don’t get too adventurous or dark when applying eyeshadow colors, but with these I found it was quite easy for me to push my boundaries. Even if the color swatched noticeably darker than I’m used to, I was able to blend it out into a really nice soft, subtle color. It wasn’t as in your face, but it was still darker for me. I actually really liked the way that it looked on my eyes & I think it’s encouraged me to continue with the darker shadows.

Now, I know some of you are going to be like “Dark?! What is she talking about?!” I know I know. None of these colors appear dark to most people, but I rarely wear “real” eyeshadow, as I like to call it, on an everyday basis. Since my internship though and working in an office, I’ve had an opportunity to really do my eye make-up everyday and not feel out of place / overdone.
With that being said, I think that this is a wonderful, wonderful palette for work. It is quite soft, like the name suggests, and I think it is very appropriate for a work setting. Or everyday, or a night out, you know- you can really where whatever, whenever. For me, it just works really well for my internship. I’m obsessed with it actually.

All in all, I think this is a wonderful buy and if you ever have a chance to get your hands on it, I highly suggest you do. Unfortunately,  I couldn’t find it anymore on the Smashbox website or Sephora, but there were a couple similar palettes. This was my first introduction into Smashbox shadow and the quality is what I was really impressed with. So even if it’s not this specific palette, I highly suggest you try out any Smashbox shadow.
I found these palettes along the same lines as the Soft Box for each eye color: blue, hazel, brown 


I hope you enjoyed this and found it helpful!

xx Sarah

(Review requested by wilmke – check out her blog! I love it!)