Exciting Things To Come!

Ever since I began blogging my head has just been “blog blog blog blog blog” constantly. It’s on my mind at work, when I’m eating, when I’m with my boyfriend. Seriously, just all the time.
I’ve loved every second of blogging and being introduced to the whole world of fashion/beauty/lifestyle blogging has been eye opening.

I’ve been brainstorming a whole list of things that I want to do and I can’t wait to share it all with you guys.
I’ve decided to get a lot more serious about this whole adventure. I’m going to work really hard to bring you all quality posts along with quality photos, as photos can make or break your whole blog (that’s how I see it, at least).
I’m currently writing up a schedule for myself, so if there’s anything specific you’d be interested in seeing be sure to let me know! My audience is everything, so whatever you guys want – that’s what I’ll give you! Just be vocal about it 🙂
As much as I love posting daily and I hope to continue to do so, I may have to slow down to every other day. I’d much rather prefer to provide you all with quality, interesting posts that I’ve put more time in effort into rather than “filler” posts just to get something out there that day.
Also, in the (near) future I’m planning on moving my blog from and hosting on BlueHost with so please be sure it follow me on Bloglovin! The link is in my menu bar at the top of the page.

I’ve developed a strong passion for blogging & I’m excited to see what I can do with it.

I would absolutely love all/any feedback on my blog throughout this process as changes will be slowly rolling in. Feedback on posts are always welcome as well!



Blogging World, Here I Come!

Hello Internet World,
I have decided to start my very first blog! I can’t tell you exactly what I have planned for this yet, but I have a couple ideas that I’m currently toying with.
My goal for this blog is to make myself take more time out of my day to be creative and to explore hobbies that I usually push to the side. I feel like I am growing up very quickly all of a sudden. I am going to school for biology and I am currently employed by corporate America for the summer. It worries me that I’ll never have time for anything besides science and work, hence why I have started this blog; to give me a reason to, and to force me to, explore new things and to get my creative juices flowing.

So, here I am. On the internet. Blogging about random things in my life. Or anything that I want to write about. Maybe no one will ever really see this, but that’s okay. This summer (and for the rest of my life) I just want to do things that make me happy, to explore, and to try new things, all the while telling the internet about it every step of the way.

I cannot wait to get started.


xx Sarah