Kayla Itsines BBG Week Two!

Two weeks done already (:



This week, overall, went better than the first week. Well, fitness wise it did at least. Eating was not so great again, but it was a holiday weekend and we were out of town, so that’s my excuse (which still shouldn’t really even count). I worked out with my sister all week. I’d do circuit one while she would do circuit two and then we’d just switch. It worked out really nicely & provided me with the motivation I needed to complete the circuits a few times. A workout partner is a wonderful, wonderful thing to have.

Monday was legs & cardio day. The circuit I think was easier than the legs & cardio day from week one, but this could very well be due to the fact that I may be getting slightly stronger already. Jumping lunges, skipping, and raised reverse lunges were introduced. Skipping was killer. Ugh, it just hurt so bad especially my calfs. Jumping lunges were also possibly a form of torture. But I got through it. It actually felt really great to push my body and to complete the circuits. I could tell I was really going to benefit from this day.

Wednesday was arms and abs. ┬áCommandos were the new thing here. Just, awful. Just so so awful. It hurt so bad. But I did it! If those didn’t make me stronger then I don’t know what ever will. If you are unfamiliar, as I was, with a commando the best way that I can describe it as is a push up starting in a plank position but rather than using both hands, you use one hand at a time to get up. Not fun, but really effective.

Friday was an optional all body work out, which of course we did. It included most of our new workouts, the skipping, the jump lunges, and the commandos. I could tell that the skipping was a lot easier to get through the second time around after having done it on Monday. The commandos did not get better, but I’m hopeful that by the next time I run into them I will have an easier time. I could tell on the lay down push ups that we did on Friday that my arms were getting stronger because I was able to have a better posture and my back didn’t curve as much as it had used to – so that was a great feeling!

For my LISS this week I did the elliptical Tuesday for 35 minutes.
Thursday we were at the lake so my sister & I paddle boated for 30 minutes which is more of a workout than you think it would be.
Saturday we walked all around the city of Springfield & the museum for the entire day, so we sorta cheated and counted that as our LISS.

At the end of week two I am feeling pretty great. I don’t know if my body has really changed too much yet, but I think that just because I am working out everyday I feel more confident about myself. Like, even if the changes aren’t there yet I personally feel just a tad bit stronger and I know I’m well on my way and things will only get better. Feeling more confident makes my whole mood increase.

Week 3 circuits are a repeat of week 1 circuits so I’m looking forward to seeing the difference in how easy/hard the workouts are to complete compared to the very beginning. I’m hoping to feel some clear strength improvements. I’ll keep you updated of course (:

Thanks for reading & following along with me on my fitness journey!

xx Sarah