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Today the Loot Vintage Clothing website went live!
Loot is a really cool company that will go hand pick Vintage clothing in the streets of Miami, New York City, LA, Barcelona, Paris, Milan, and London. The pieces are sold at a very affordable price so you won’t be breaking the bank just to get a few dresses. I love everything this company stands for, to give you a brief idea here is their “ethics hit list” copied straight from their site:


1. The manufacture quality is a million miles above any high street chain.

2. The pieces are ‘one off’s’ you wont see anyone else in your item EVER.

3. It is essentially ‘recycled clothing’ which gets mother nature on side.

4. The clothing wasn’t produced using child labour or unethical means.

5. It’s cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap, like proper cheap.

I’ve included some pictures of my favorite items from the site. It’s really helpful that they include chest, waist, and length measurements on every article of clothing since standard size measurements aren’t always applicable. Included as well is a “Will fit size __ to __” to give you just a rough idea.

Loot Vintage Clothing

If you’re like me and have a difficult time rummaging around thrift stores to find something unique, then you should check this site out. For me, I have a hard time picturing thrift store clothes on and put together, but having the items hand picked and modeled really makes things so much easier for me. If you see something you like you have to act fast – there’s only one of each!
I can already tell that this is going to be a great resource for me to mix up my wardrobe a bit without spending too much.

You can access all of these clothes & explore around the site for yourself here.

Happy shopping! (:

xx Sarah